Что выбрать SAP или 1С для бизнеса? Курсы 1С: Эксперт.
What is better SAP or 1C: Enterprise?
SAP and 1C use radically different ways for business processes automating process. For instance let’s consider what would “say” each system when it comes to your company?
В сертификации 1С есть четкая иерархия компетенции
What is 1C: Enterprise certification?
When you choose a contractor or just looking through vacancies in the area of 1C: Enterprise development, you could find out the 1C certificates are needed. What are the 1C: Enterprise certificates and what the difference between them? 1C certificates are divided into 3 main ways of application.
Разработка архитектуры 1С с нуля учитывает все нюансы Вашего бизнеса
What is the 1C: system from scratch
The most efficiency advantage of the 1C: Enterprise framework is possibility to make you own way based ERP system. For instance just imagine you need to build the house you want with your unique architecture. So the 1C: Enterprise offers you the tools to make an ERP “