The efficiency of your business depends directly of the quality of it’s business processes automation. And no doubt the most important indicator of the system’s efficiency is the employee efficiency and costs minimization.

For instance your company has 10 managers. If there is a really effective automation system, 7 managers will be able to do the same amount of work. Even if each of the managers costs $2 000 per month, you would save $ 24 000 per year! You can ask questions online.

Pricing of services (1C: Enterprise)

It starts from $50/h, and depends from the exact task and project. And you pay for the result only!

The duration of the work varies from the complexity, for example (the net working time is indicated):

  • 1C: Enterprise report can take from 4 hours (from $200)
  • One 1C: Enterprise SQL Query optimization from 4 hours (from $200)
  • 1C: Enterprise integration with a web service from 40 hours (from $2000)
  • 1C: Enterprise technical specifications audit (~40 pages) from 40 hours (from $2000)
  • Full support of the 1C: Enterprise project from 40 hours per month (from $2000 / month)
  • System from scratch from 9 months (from $100 000)

Some services (1C: Enterprise)

From scratch
Your own way build system development designed on business-processes of your Company. Such systems have unique functionality and could be integrated with any service r other systems.
1C project accompaniment
Full accompaniment of your 1C: Enterprise project is extremely necessary if you applied to a third-party company for the implementation of the project and don’t have 1C: Enterprise competence enough inside your company. The contractor company is primarily interested in closing the project with maximum profit, but not with maximum quality .

The service includes such aspects as participation in project meetings and audit of documentation concern 1C: Enterprise technical issues and system design.

1C performance optimization
Mostly 1C: Enterprise performance issues are caused by errors in system design or codes.
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your system, and this affects the efficiency of your business, then it’s time to fix it.
1C integration solutions
Data exchange of 1C: Enterprise with any systems and services that support API or other integration technology.