What is 1C: Enterprise certification?

When you choose a contractor or just looking through vacancies in the area of 1C: Enterprise development, you could find out the 1C certificates are needed. What are the 1C: Enterprise certificates and what the difference between them?

1C certificates are divided into 3 main ways of application.

Types of 1C: Certification

The person who understand the functionality of typical 1C: Enterprise based Systems. Each configuration has its own certificates, for example, «Accounting 3.0», «ERP 2.0», «HR 3.1», «Trade management 11». It’s significant on projects of implementation typical 1C: Enterprise based systems. In typical system implementing, it is extremely important to use the most of the typical functionality, and make minimum changes (improvements)!

The person who involved in the development process using the 1C Enterprise platform functionality. It could be adaptation and changing of typical system or developing from scratch. If your project requires functional improvements, it is important your the project team has certificates in development .

the person in setting up and maintenance of 1C: Enterprise servers cluster. The certificate is very important for system administrators who work with 1C: Enterprise solutions.

Skills in 1C: Enterprise

It means the test on a PC was successfully passed  in way of «question — choice from 4-5 answers». So it has no any face to face communication with the 1C: Examiner.

Based on real business cases tasks and practices and it passes to the 1C: Examiner in face to face  way. A very significant certificate for consultants!

Make sense only in development. It means a deep understanding of the 1C: Enterprise platform and the development of high-loaded systems, where any error in the system design or coding could lead to critical fails of the Whole System!

The person knows the database aspects has skills in administration and makes real high performance systems .

1C: Enterprise certification has hierarchy from Professional to Expert.
1C: Enterprise certification has hierarchy from Professional to Expert.

1C: Technology Expert

The exam «1C: Technology Expert» passes personally  to the head of the 1C: Center of corporate technical support (CCTS) in face to face way. The exam consist of theory and practice days. Less than 10% of of applicants successfully pass the exam and get the certificate.

The most difficult and significant certificate is «1C: Technology Expert»!

Efimov Konstantin. Certified 1C: Technology Expert.
1C: Technology Expert certificate.
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