What is 1C: Enterprise?

1C: Enterprise is a flexible domain-specific framework for business process automation systems development. There are a lot of solutions based on the 1C: Enterprise platform to automate and manage operations in variety areas such as trade, accounting, production, finance, HR, ERP  and other. The final product system consist of two parts: 1C: Enterprise platform and configuration for specific tasks solution.

1C: Enterprise is manufactured by 1C COMPANY based in Russia and supports all of the modern technologies: client-server architecture, cluster, http-services for an integration, web-interface, works with MS SQL / PostgreSql / Oracle relation DBMS.

1C is as LEGO just for business

1C: Enterprise is the business process automation development framework!

Consider an example. Each of us knows what the LEGO is. The LEGO is a constructor you could combine a variety of objects such as buildings, cars, people… you could make even a whole cities with it: Six bricks of 2 × 4 studs can be combined in 915,103,765 ways (wikipedia)!

The manufacture offers to us some predefined sets such as «Fire station», «Ambulance», «Supermarket» and so on. And there are more than 100 new theme sets are release every year just in the USA (130 as wikipedia says).

1C Enterprise is a designer of business applications. The perfect solution for business process automation!
1C Enterprise is a constructor of business applications.

1C COMPANY offers to us predefined combined configurations of systems (as LEGO’s theme sets) such as: «1C: Accounting» (Lego Fire station),  «1C: Trade management» (Lego Supermarket), «HR» (Lego Ambulance) and so on. Every configuration has versions and update releases.

1C: Enterprise advantages

The most important advantage is the possibility to make your own way build ERP systems.

With 1C you can develop a unique "Lego city", which is nowhere else!
With 1C you can develop a unique system as «Lego city»!

Your own way build ERP system has unique and specific functionality, interface and integration solutions with any web-services and systems based on other technologies. The functionality and performance of such systems depends mainly on developer and system designer skills.

1C: Enterprise system is the «living organism»,  it develops and evolves all the time with your business!


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