What is better SAP or 1C: Enterprise?

SAP and 1C use radically different ways for business processes automating process. For instance let’s consider what would «say» each system when it comes to your company?

What is better SAP or 1C: Enterprise regarding tobusiness process automation
What is better SAP or 1C: Enterprise regarding to business process automation

SAP automation

I know how should you work because I have the best practice solutions.

I will build your business processes in the way I see so then you will have to change your work in the way I say.

SAP is a complete and well tested system, with a optimized data storage architecture, it’s stable and quick (as technical point of view). It archived by the closed core of the system and the basic functionality which doesn’t change during the implementation process.

But your company will have to change and adjust its work with new way of algorithms and standards. And other point is that usability and efficiency of users are not high too much and it increases the number of employees involved to the process. So it decreases business efficiency and an increase costs.

Usually you could get feedback from SAP users: after input the general operations information to system: «we simply unload everything in MS Excel and work in it«.

SAP users work mostly with MS Excel sheets
SAP users work mostly with MS Excel sheets

1C: Enterprise automation

We should analyze and build processes together in the way that you needed and most effective for business.

The 1C: Enterprise based system is always ready to «listen» the user and it’s flexible in changes for demands. You can change an interface and functionality in the way you need to make it more user-friendly and more functional. In other words, it increases an efficiency of a particular employee, which leads to you business efficiency increasing and decreases costs.

1C allows you to make your own way build system
1C allows you to make your own way build system

Pricing of SAP и 1C: Enterprise

1C: Enterprise has much more better license pricing than SAP.

In way of long term support service pricing you should remember that the high level pro costs a lot no matter  what the area is. But no doubt  you would have more possibilities to extend functionality of your system with 1C: Enterprise than with SAP.

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