What is the value of 1C: Expert?

Skills in high performance systems and large databases (more than 1Tb) are the main things that make an ordinary 1C: Developer to be an 1C: Expert.

What issues does business face?

For instance one Company wants to implement 1C: Enterprise system. Consider the way of system developing process. When the functional requirements are described the software developer starts to develop the system and usually he hasn’t real conditions the system will work on.

So when productive live of the system starts after the project is done due to described requirements, clients face to performance issues. It happens so because the developer didn’t made stress tests or had no productive data base with real value.

The quality of the systems depends of system design and code quality.
The quality of the systems depends of system design and code quality.

In another words the one code could executes fast in test base and have performance issues in productive base. So after a while there are complaints from the client to the company-developer of 1C: Enterprise system.

The most common recommendation is to buy more powerful equipment.

So it’s obviously that the initial problem is low skills of 1C software development team but not in the entire 1C: Enterprise framework!

Who is an 1C: Expert?

1C: Expert is a developer with high level skills who can make code and system design so good that 1C System works quick both on a test (small) base and on a productive one as well. To make systems so an 1C: Expert knows how 1C: Enterprise works deeply inside and how 1C: Data is stored and extracts in database level.

If 1C: Developer is a professional driver, then 1C: Expert is a Formula 1 pilot.

What is the value of 1C: Enterprise Expert
What is the value of 1C: Enterprise Expert?

So 1C: Expert works with «extremely high speeds» and understands «the vehicle» deeply. And those skills does not depend from the years of «driving», if he did not drive at Formula 1 level. For instance the ordinary 1C Developer could has 15 years of coding, but not be a 1C: Expert!

To highlight the expert skills in 1C: Enterprise development 1C Company introduced the «1C: Technology Expert» certificate. The «1C: Technology Expert» certificate allows developers to participate in major implementation projects.

In my video-course «Secrets of 1C: Expert» I share my skills with Developers.

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